What are Open Badges?

Open Badges is the leading standard for digital credentials originally developed by Mozilla and now managed by IMS Global Learning Consortium®. It's now a popular and widely-adopted standard used by many organisations involved in skills, education and training. Openbadges.me is IMS-certified for Open Badges v2.

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Openbadges.me provides a versatile, secure and easy-to-use way of quickly implementing Open Badges and Digital Credentials. Explore your specific organisation requirements below.

Qualification recognition

Providing a digital certificate and a badge for your qualifications enables your learners to be more widely recognised for your qualification. A digital badge can be shared and used in multiple ways in our modern digital world.

    1. Reinforce your brand and awareness of your qualifications
    2. Provide a digital currency for your learners, e.g. in their resumes
    3. Differentiate the value that your programs provide
    4. Improve the security and auditability for your certification process

Motivating small steps

Create different badges for small steps in your training programs, so that learners can be recognised and motivated for achieving specific outcomes, building to your overall completion award.

    1. Encourage and reward progression
    2. Gamify your learning program
    3. Monitor progression more easily
    4. Create clear pathways to success

Modern certification

Upgrade from printing and mailing paper certificates to digital certificates supported by a portable badge credential. Save time and money while improving the service and value you provide your users.

    1. Supplement or replace your paper certificates
    2. Improve security and auditability
    3. Empower your users to easily share achievements, e.g. on LinkedIn
    4. Reinforce your brand through wider digital use

Skills portability

Discovering your learner's skills and competencies becomes much easier and valuable to the learner if you have provided them with a digital credential that they can share widely.

    1. Make resumes stand out from the crowd with digital badges
    2. Share skills via badges on LinkedIn and other social media platforms
    3. Unlock skills data within digital badges
    4. Future-proof to international standards

Evidence professional development

A modern digital credential or digital badge becomes recognisable, discoverable and verifiable evidence of professional mastery and/or completion of a training program.

    1. Enhance your organisation's brand and reputation
    2. Provide your users with a portable skills currency
    3. For membership organisations, support communities of practice
    4. Support tiered delivery via accredited centres

Event attendance

Easily create communities of users for your events and conferences where your attendees can all identify shared experiences via their badge, display on LinkedIn and generally indicate that they are proud members of your community.

    1. Quickly issue badges to attendees from an import file
    2. Promote brand awareness and recognition for your events
    3. Recognise continuing professional development
    4. Provide verifiable evidence of event attendance

Integrate with existing systems

Implement digital badges and certificates without the disruption of replacing your existing processes and systems. Use our advanced APIs and plug-ins to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows.

    1. Simple badge-issuing API
    2. Event-driven issuing rules engine
    3. Off-the-shelf plugins available for popular apps
    4. Comprehensive documentation and support service

Openbadges.me Features

Openbadges.me lets you design, award, manage and store badges, and offers powerful reporting and analytics. Find out more about what openbadges.me can do

Issue Open Badges through tasks, assessments, and portfolio submissions

Openbadges.me lets you design, award, manage and store badges, and offers powerful reporting and analytics. Find out more about what openbadges.me can do


Built-in authoring tool for creating your badge graphics


Full admin system for managing users, tiered organisations and user roles


Provide a rich backpack for badge recipients. Enable them to organise and share on social media


Multiple ways to issue badges, including automated issuing and input files


Monitor and report on all your badge-issuing activities


Customise openbadges.me to match your organisation's image

Design a badge graphic - now

Design a Badge!

This is the original Openbadges.me design tool for creating a badge graphic file. It is FREE and still available here. This tool enables you to download your graphic file to use elsewhere. There is no Save option other than download. More advanced functions and save options are now available in the right hand button “Sign Up for Free”

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This option gives access to a more advanced graphic designer tool and provides a Save option. In addition this option gives access to a full range of open badge definition and issuing functions. The full range of functions available for this Free option is shown on the Pricing page.