Latest Release - New Badge Display, Social Media Sharing and More

Latest Release - New Badge Display, Social Media Sharing, Demonstrated Skills and More!

We have recently released a new update for, and it includes some most wanted and highly requested features. In this release, we have focused on improving how your Open Badges are displayed for everyone from issuer to recipient.

Our most recent update features:

  • New badge display page
  • New sharing functionality
  • Update to the email templates
  • Ability to add additional skills

The new badge display page shows all the vital information within your Open Badge, so when you share your badge, your audience can see everything they need to. This includes who it was issued to - which is part of the IMS standard and means the badge can be identified as yours. You can view who issued the badge, a description of the badge, what you did to receive the badge, and additional attributes assigned to the badge.

We also have some new functionalities on this display page too. These are the ability to add additional skills to the badge. For example, you may feel the badge you have awarded is the result of soft skills such as teamwork, self-directed learning, punctuality and more.

Your badge recipients can also easily share their Open Badges on social media through the buttons located at the bottom of the page. The most popular social media platforms are listed as well as direct link to the badge. There are over 100 platforms to share your Open Badge on so we're sure you'll find what you want!

When you do issue a badge to a recipient, they receive an email with the badge inside to let them know they've been issued a badge. We have now updated this email template to include direct links to share the badge on social media, and to download the badge too. You can still edit all the content within the email to write your own message, but you can now add these links in as well.

Open Badge Display

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