Taking Advantage of Premium Features in Openbadges.me

Taking Advantage of Premium Features in Openbadges.me

With premium features, you can create your perfect badging process to reward and motivate staff and students alike. As the name suggests, these features are only available on our paid plans. View some of the features available below and upgrade today.


Brand your own emails, landing pages, and menus. Make Openbadges.me your own.

We have a variety of branding options allowing you to make Openbadges.me your own and in line with your organisation branding and culture. Openbadges.me branding lets you match your company's colours, add in logo's, send customised emails and even create a landing page.

Customising the Openbadges.me platform can bring an extra level of professionalism to your company. There will be no disruptive imagery, and everything can look consistent which will help build your brand image and maintain it. The imagery and colours can be altered to fit in with your company guidelines to make a seamless process for using Open Badges.

Create Roles and Users

Setup your organisation with all the people you want using Openbdages.me. If you’re a school, your users can include headteachers, teachers, head of departments, and more.

Creating roles allows you to assign responsibilities to the users. Your roles are an important part of your badging process – so you can make it as efficient as possible to save time and avoid confusion by laying out a linear path for issuing badges.

The roles you may create are the administrator, badge creator, and badge issuer.

Automatically Issue Badges

Sit back and let Openbadges.me do the hard work with our rules-based issuing functionality. Go one step further by using our APIs to integrate with learning management systems such as Canvas and Moodle.

Rules-based issuing drastically reduces the amount of manual work when issuing badges. Not only will you cut out laborious tasks, you can eliminate mistakes often caused by administrative work.

No matter how good your admin is, mistakes can happen. Another problem with manually issuing badges is the timing. In one scenario, a student can be involved in a summer reading program and work hard to reach the milestone of reading 8 books. Upon submitting a form, they would then expect to receive a badge straightaway to congratulate them – which will happen every time with automated APIs.

Enhanced Reporting

Find out how each individual badge is performing with data breakdowns for issued badges.

Using the enhanced reporting feature provides context as to how your students or employees are performing. Use it as a measure of how difficult each badge is to achieve, identify gaps in your workforce or learners knowledge, and more.

View quick summaries of badge usage such as the main details of the issuer, how many times it has been issued, and its issue history.

View our price plans to upgrade and access all the features in this blog post and more.