Make your own with Branding

Make Your Own with Customisation and Branding

We have a variety of branding options which enable you to make your own and bring the platform in line with your organisation branding and culture. branding lets you match the platform to your organisations brand colours, add in your organisation logo, send customised emails and even create a customised and branded landing page.

Customising your platform can bring an extra level of professionalism to your organisation and your Open Badges initiative, everything will look consistent which can help build your brand image and maintain it. The imagery and colours can be altered to fit in with your brand guidelines to make the transition and process of using Open Badges seamless.

With the branding feature, users can customise:

  • Colours
  • Logo
  • Icons
  • Email Templates (Premium Feature Only*)
  • Landing Pages (Premium Feature Only*)

Colours & Logos

Branding allows you to customise the look of to match your organisation's colour scheme or just your own personal preference. All saved branding changes are immediately applied to your display.

You can change the colour of:

  • Navigation menu
  • Navigation menu text
  • Highlight Colour - what colour shows when buttons are pressed

A logo can be uploaded and used to further customise your look and feel. The logo you choose will be shown on your custom landing page, on the side menu, and in any email sent from your account. In addition to a logo, a smaller icon can be uploaded which will be used in the browser tab and when the side menu is collapsed.

Landing Pages (Premium Feature Only*)

A landing page is a single web page where your users will log in to their account. It will be the first thing you and your users see so it's important it looks good! You can set your own URL, system name, support or contact email, background colour, and background image.

Open Badges Landing Page

1. Landing page URL:

This should be your organisation name or whichever company is using For example, ours is The more recognisable the name, the easier the URL will be to read and remember.

2. System name:

Your system name is used for identifying your organisation when user’s login. You can see ours is set to “MyKnowledgeMap” (the awesome creator of

3. Support email:

Enter the email address where you want support queries going to. This could be a dedicated support account or a personal email address.

4. Background colour and image:

You can set a background image or a solid background colour to accommodate your landing page and match your organisation branding or personal preference.

Email Templates (Premium Feature Only*) will send out automated emails dependent on an action the system has taken. Emails will be sent out when a new user is created or when a badge has been sent. We have the following email templates available:

  • Welcome email: Sent to any user you create within
  • Badge issued email: Sent to badge recipients, each time you issue them a badge.

These templates have been set up for you to either use as default or to customise yourself. You can make changes to the subject line, header, content, and email signature.

Thanks to some clever coding on our side, we have included email parameters that will bring in relevant data. Using these parameters will make your emails much more customisable and personal without the need to manually type all the information for each unique email. For example, entering “{name}” will show the users name when they read the email. Adding “{badgeName}” will show the name for whichever badge you’re issuing. These parameters are different for both templates.

Welcome Email

  • {name}: If user is stored in the database, this will be replaced in user’s name.
  • {emailAddress}: The recipient’s email address.
  • {sysUrl}: The system URL.
  • {username}: The user’s username.

Badge issued email

  • {name}: If the user is stored in the database, this will be replaced with user’s name.
  • {emailAddress}: The recipient’s email address.
  • {badgeName}: The badge name.
  • {issuer}: The issuer name.
  • {badgeImage}: The badge image.
  • {badgeDownloadLink}: The badge “click here to download” link.

All the brand changes that you have made will be visible within the email templates.

Users who are subscribed to any premium plan are the only ones who can access the landing pages and email templates (learn more about price plans). All other users will have the default branding settings.

Those who sign up to one of our premium plans can create a completely branded badging process with customisable landing pages and emails. You'll be able to create a uniform image across the system and truly make your own. To access our premium features such as a customisable landing page or email templates, upgrade here.